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The Pool of Older Women & Why It Matters

So why do I lead off the very exciting topic of dating older women with a depressing graphic showing your chances are slim with a cougar?

1) I want you to have realistic expectations about what you’re up against. You’ve not likely broken this down in these terms because, well, why would you? It’s my job to come up with this shit and teach it to you.

2) You need to have a visual cue for why you need to be respectful and not an idiot in your approach and how you navigate your quest for older women.

3) This is the foundation to successfully dating older women, and the psychology follows from this graphic.

Let me put it this way.

I’m at the bottom of the funnel below as a cougar who exclusively dates younger men and is open about it. Guys, this is the MINORITY. This minority puts up with a lot more bullshit from you than any other tier. They might let a d pic slide, they might tolerate some levels of flakiness, they might answer a “wyd,” they might be amused at a 2 am drunk booty call and they might take an opportunity to school your immature ass versus ghosting you or worse ... blocking you. Any level higher in that pool simply won’t tolerate nonsense. Capiche?

IMPORTANT!! YOU need to be focused on the bottom three levels of this funnel to have access to the biggest pool of older women. Which means that you need to appeal to the bottom three levels, the largest pool being older women that might not have considered younger men or identify as a cougar, but they might considerate it because it’s YOU. Notice that the largest pool isn't actually cougars!!

ALSO!! A very important fact you need to know is that there are waaaaaayyyyyyy more of you young guys looking for older women than there are older women looking for younger men. Like I would gander a guess at thousands to one. Read that again. Thousands to one. It wasn’t a typo.

Bottom line: Approaching this as a horny, immature idiot who is all about checking off a bucket list item is not going to work.

Taken from How to Meet & Date Older Women: The Manual by Patsy Mennuti, aka Hella Cougar.

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