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Patsy Mennuti, aka Hella Cougar, is an inspirational spiritual seeker aiming to make life’s arduous journey as light and joyous as possible.

A yoga teacher and transformational coach, Mennuti brings humor,
deep insights, and raw honesty to her writing, coaching, teaching, and speaking engagements.

Patsy launched an entire line of cougar-related merch in 2023. She also sells a 50-page comprehensive e-book Meeting & Dating Older Women: The Manual



Traumatized by the Christian upbringing that told her she was wicked (and not in a funny way), Mennuti hit her lowest point in her teens and 20s, battling depression, suicide ideation, and an eating disorder. Her longing for recovery and happiness led to a passion for personal growth and expansive experiences. Sexual exploration, in particular, has played a major role in freeing her to live a broader version of herself. Terrified of morning sickness, baby snot, and being stuck with only one person for eternity, Mennuti decided as a young person that she would remain single and have a series of relationships throughout her life, which has given her a unique perspective on dating and relationships.


Mennuti earned her Bachelors of Arts in speech and communications from Wake Forest University. Her most significant career was as president/CEO of a nonprofit tied to a waterfront park in downtown Fort Lauderdale. During her tenure, she founded a successful lifestyle magazine for which she also wrote and edited. She has extensive experience executing corporate events across the globe.


Mennuti holds both a 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher certification with a concentration and focus in both Ayurveda and recovery as well as a certificate in Yoga of Recovery. Mennuti completed her transformational life coach training with Leadership that Works at the Omega Institute and has studied Energy Medicine Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Healing Touch.


Mel Magazine

The Cougars Who Raise Their Cubs to Be Better Men

Younger men don’t just grow sexually and romantically with their older partners — they say they’re also getting better jobs, learning how to take care of themselves and moving up in the world

The Joe Vore Podcast

Cougar Dating Advice

Cougar, HellaCougar, joins Joe Vore on The Joe Vore Podcast to give dating advice. She talks what it is like dating younger guys & dating online as an older woman. She dives deep into dating apps & what she looks for from her Cubbies in a relationship.


The life lessons of a Cougar

One 'mature' woman shares the unexpected joys she has found by breaking down her self-imposed barriers … in the bedroom.

The Eloquent in the Room


We pick up where we left off, tallking about how women's body image changes as we get older and delve into the deeper truths about our search for sexual adventure. Obviously the topic of how much porn has influenced the way younger men behave in bead, rears it's ugly head.

The Joe Vore Podcast

Hella Cougar PT. I & II

Patsy Mennuti is a COUGAR! That's right a COUGAR & she has stories, advice, and all the tips for your love life...especially if you're on the younger side looking for an older woman.

The Eloquent in the Room


Why does heteronormativity dictate that the male partner should be the older person? Why does society barely even notice when Hollywood leading men, play opposite women 20 years their junior?

How To Talk To Girls Podcast

Listen To This If You Want To Meet A COUGAR

There are many benefits for dating older women vs younger. You can have maturity, directness and much better sex or play games, chase the girl and stay in the friend-zone.

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