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Creative Comebacks to Older Women Regarding Age

You're deep working your rizz at the bar with an older woman, and suddenly she says something like the following:

- I’m old enough to be your mom.

- You’re young enough to be my son.

- I’m too old for you.

- You’re my son’s age.

- You’re too young for me.

- Do you know how old I am?

Now, an obvious "no" is a "no," and you never want to push or harass.

But often an older woman throws these lines out for a few reasons, and she often isn't entirely committed to them. First, you may have taken her by complete surprise, and putting out one of these lines is her way of buying a bit of time to adjust to the notion that a younger man has just asked her out. She needs time to calibrate her feelings about this and her response. She may also be in utter disbelief.

Second, she may absolutely be testing the waters to see if you’re really into this. Like, are you for real interested and serious? She wants to know you're not just playing her.

Finally, she may be testing your rizz. Can you actually hang with her? Are you bold and confident enough to actually match her energy?

Your response in turn must be bold, confident and honest and show commitment. Humor and playfulness also goes a long way. Most important, HOLD THE EYE CONTACT. Stay in the game. And, you MUST be able to deliver if you meet in person in terms of holding your end of the convo, not being an idiot, and being respectful and fun. (More tips on this in my Manual)

Here are your comebacks:

- Thank God you’re not my mom.

- Thank God I’m not your son.

- Come on, you’re a 22-year-old with 23 more years of experience. Or, look we’re the same age, you just have x years more experience on me.

- I’m an old soul trapped in a young body.

- So I’ve got a lot to learn, want to show me? So I’m still young enough to teach?

- Age is just a number. Compatibility and a fun vibe don’t deal in numbers.

- I know I’m young enough to your son. I love kids! Don’t you?

- I’ll be older next year.

- Are we going to continue with this grade school math, or can I show you that 1 + 1 = fun with me?

- Ok, aaaannndddd????

- I’m 27, and you don’t seem a day over 35 which seems like the perfect equation for a dinner date to me.

- Yes, I know your age, and I know I prefer women older than me. I enjoy their life experience and maturity.

Now if you've asked her out and she's turning you down for age, make the following proposition:

"Listen, just allow me to take you for one drink (or smoothie), and I'll prove that younger guys have a lot to offer in the way of companionship and fun. There's no pressure or expectation, just give me a chance to show you a fun time out. I'm a gentleman, and I make amazing arm candy." (You can put your own spin on this. You get the gist: hang in there, use humor, have confidence, put an ask out there.)

Now, if she says yes, you're not still not out of the woods. You need to keep in mind the following:

- Make sure you follow up, not in an annoying, excessive or clingy way. If you pick a spot, that will be a point in your favor. Confirm time and place. On the day of, confirm again and let her know that you're looking forward to seeing her. Remember, you're working to prove that you are mature enough and not a flaky idiot.

- You can get flirty depending on y'all's vibe, but DO NOT get sexual prior to the date. Let her lead this!

- Enlist everything you know about being a true gentleman! Most older women will eat that shit up.

Taken from the 50-page digital download How to Meet & Date Older Women: The Manual by Hella Cougar / Patsy Mennuti.

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